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I work hard to represent the voices of every resident in Ward 2. That has meant making difficult choices like voting to freeze management and council wages during the pandemic or voting against development applications. I am not shy about speaking up when I see that Council is heading in a direction that I feel is not in the best interest of my constituents and our community. 

Your donations will help me cover the cost of updating my old election signs, ordering more signs if needed, printing election promotional materials including door hangers and postcards, and paying for targeted advertisements on social media leading up to the municipal election on October 24, 2022. 

I will update this page once I have covered my election costs and will not collect any more donations than absolutely necessary.

Contributions to my re-election campaign may be made by PayPal, e-transfer or cheque. Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch to receive your donation. 

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Please note that:

  • I can only receive campaign contributions from individuals who live in Ontario
  • Corporations, political parties, trade unions, and individuals who live outside Ontario are not eligible to contribute to municipal election campaigns
  • Constituents may contribute up to $1,200 to any one candidate, and up to a combined total of $5,000 to candidates in any jurisdiction
  • Election campaign contributions for Ontario municipal election candidates are not eligible for federal or provincial income tax credits


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